A 21st Century Roofing Company

When Russ Patzer left his job as an Intel engineer to start Sun Valley Solar Solutions he had a clear mission: change how people power their lives, help them save money, and ensure a more sustainable future. Millions of installed solar watts later, Sun Valley Solar Solutions is one the most successful solar companies in the Southwestern U.S.
In 2015 Russ turned his innovative mind to the world of roofing. With the same unwavering commitment to customer service, Russ has re-imagining roofing by offering product options that offer superior performance and a durable base for solar installations.

Whether you're looking for a more traditional roof, something a bit more green, or want to work with a company experienced in roofing for solar, Azul Roofing Solutions offers options to fit your budget and help you achieve your roofing goals. 

All That You Value Is Under One Roof 

From family and friends to memories past and those yet to be made, your roof protects what you hold most dear from Mother Nature's darkest moments. 

We founded Azul Roofing Solutions on the principle that protecting your most valued items doesn't have to mean risking a healthy environment. While we are passionate about roofing for solar, we're on a mission to provide all Arizona homeowners with a durable, long-lasting roof.

Read our Guiding Principles to learn more about what makes us different. 


Download Our Roofing Guide: "What is your Roof Trying to Tell You?"


This paper is a guide to help you better understand the many factors that can cause your roof to need repair or a replacement along with informing you on the early warning signs your deteriorating roof may be trying to tell you.



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