Roofing for Apartments Case Study

Spray Foam Roof - Radius Apartments

Radius Apartments in Phoenix, Arizona recently finished a green energy retrofit that included efficient lighting, solar panels, and a newly coated spray foam roof. With the goals of making their buildings as energy efficient as possible, spray foam roofing was the clear winner. 

With this type of roof, Radius Apartments will now experience better insulation and reflected UV rays, both of which will help keep temperatures inside the building lower. Spray foam roofing will also help them save money through reduced repair and maintenance costs. Watch our video below to learn more about spray foam roofs and all the benefits it can provide to your building.



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A Focus on Solar

Azul Roofing Solutions was founded by the same team behind Sun Valley Solar Solutions, one of Arizona’s most awarded solar energy companies. Our experience in both solar energy and roofing makes us uniquely suited to tackle any roofing project where solar panels are involved. From panel removal and re-installation to a complete re-roof or simple patch, our mission is to deliver a lasting roof with minimal disruption to energy production. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable roofing techniques by reading our Guiding Principles.


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