Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified Bitumen is the modern-day evolution of the old built up roof system (BUR).  It is made with a material that allows for easy expansion and contraction, which helps to extend the roof’s life in our extreme Arizona climate. A properly applied Modified Bitumen roof system can easily last more than 30 years with very minimal maintenance.

While Modified Bitumen roofs are generally more affordable than more advanced options, such as sprayed foam roofs, it is dramatically less energy efficient. As such, many people opt for this roofing solution on adjacent structures such as patios, sheds, or anywhere that heating and cooling performance is not a factor.

Types of Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems in Arizona

The two primary modified roofing systems for Arizona roofs are heat-applied or cold-applied, offering stability, durability, resistance, and strength to your roofing system. Both types are available in multiple color options for a custom appearance. These systems are very durable for foot traffic as well. Modified Bitumen not only holds the colored granules in place and contributes to the overall strength, it also provides waterproofing integrity to your roofing system. Azul Roofing uses premium modified bitumen products best suited for each application.

Hot Application Systems

Heat-applied systems, also referred to as modified torch, are a rolled roofing type applied with a torch to secure the roofing material to the underlayment/base sheet.

Cold Application Systems

Self-adhered system, also referred to as peel and stick, is directly applied and adheres to the underlayment/base sheet.

Cold-applied system is a modified system using an adhesive that is applied to the underlayment/base sheet and then the roofing material, known as cap sheet, is applied over the adhesive.

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