What Is a Pitched Roof?

Simply put, a pitched roof is a sloped roof. A pitched roof consists of two or more angled components that meet in the middle. There are many different components that go into a high-quality roofing system.

New Roof on Big HouseWe utilize all types of pitched roof coverings, including:

Some of the main components to a pitched roof include: 

  • The roof covering
  • The underlayment/felt
  • The roof deck protection
  • Added protection/leak barriers

A Focus on Solar

Azul Roofing Solutions was founded by the same team behind Sun Valley Solar Solutions, one of Arizona’s most awarded solar energy companies. Our experience in both solar energy and roofing makes us uniquely suited to tackle any roofing project where solar panels are involved. From panel removal and re-installation to a complete re-roof or simple patch, our mission is to deliver a lasting roof with minimal disruption to energy production. Learn more about our commitment to sustainable roofing techniques by reading our Guiding Principles.


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