Flat Roof Walk Deck System

Walk deck systems are systems that are typically installed on any balconies or other areas where there is excessive foot traffic such as a viewing or observation deck.


Walk decks are different than your standard flat roof systems because they are designed to withstand excessive foot traffic and are cooler and softer to walk on hence the name “walk deck”. Walk decks can deteriorate quickly over time ecspecially in the Arizona heat and are difficult to repair. The installations of walk decks require highly trained professionals to install them with precision and to exact specifications with no room for error.

Is Your Walk Deck Waterproof?

Whether you are looking at residential patios, walk decks, balconies or roof decks for a large commercial project, Azul Roofing can install the most durable and eco-friendly way to waterproof these surfaces. 

Walk Deck Textures

Textures on walk deck systems range from sand aggregate that is embedded into coating, which prevents loose sand or gravel, to rubber granules that are also embedded into coating, which makes it easier to walk on.

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