3 Reasons to Prepare Your Roof Now for Monsoon Season

stormy clouds_roof1-1Dark, stormy clouds. Dust and wind as far as the eye can see. Just enough rain to get your car dirty. June 15th marked the official beginning of Arizona's monsoon season. For roofers, this is when things get really crazy as repairs put off during the dry months inevitably rear their ugly heads when the weather turns. Is your roof ready for the impending onslaught?

From leaks to blown away shingles and tiles, it's important to gauge your roof's health early to best avoid catastrophe down the road.  With monsoon storms right around the corner, here are 3 reasons you should schedule a free roof inspection before Mother Nature comes knocking.  

1. Busier Roofing Schedules

Once monsoon season rolls through the Valley, people become aware of leaks and problems that otherwise went unnoticed or ignored. This causes an influx of people requesting site evaluations, roof repairs and replacements. With these busier roofing schedules, you might not have your roof looked at for weeks after a storm blows through. Having your roof inspected early will help detect any possible issues and needed fixes before schedules fill up.

2. Protect Your Most Valuable Investments

By having your roof inspected now, you're hedging your bets against possible weather damage during the summer; you're not leaving it to chance whether your roof and home will go unscathed. Getting your roof inspected beforehand helps ensure that your most valuable assets, both inside and outside the home, are protected against the inclement monsoon weather. When the rain and wind rolls through the valley, you'll have peace of mind knowing your roof is strong and durable enough.

3. Time to Choose a Qualified Roofer

When you start your roofing company research before the monsoon season hits, you don't have the pressure of a leaky or damaged roof pushing you to make a quick decision. This can benefit you extremely well as you have ample time to find a qualified roofer who will be able to detect and fix any issues before they become big headaches. Look at all of your options, check review sites like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau, and make a confident decision on which roofing company will help you prepare for the monsoons. 


If you're looking to get ready for the monsoon season, contact Azul Roofing Solutions for a free, no obligation inspection!

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