5 Benefits to Working with a Solar Roofing Company

solar removal and reinstallGoing solar is an increasingly popular decision for homeowners looking to reduce their power bills while ensuring greater security amidst an aging power grid. Or, maybe you've had your solar panels for a decade or so, and simply need a new roof or roof repair. How do you pick the right roofer? Will any old roofer do? 

As with any roofing project, you want to ensure your selected roofer is experienced, trusted, and insured. But throwing solar into the mix adds even more considerations. If you can, we recommend finding a solar-savvy roofing company. Let's take a quick look at a few of the most important ones. 


1. Intimate understanding of solar racking and penetrations

A solar-experienced roofer will have a thorough understanding of how solar racking systems are installed, in particular how they attach and seal for durability and longevity. This is particularly important when doing roof repairs where solar panels are already in place. This first-hand knowledge will help the roofer to pinpoint leaks and disqualify solar penetration points if it's clear they were sealed properly at installation.

It's far too easy for roofers who don't understand solar to blame solar. It's an easy target, after all, but the cost of a repair is useless if you're not targeting the right spot. A roofer experienced with solar will know how to properly evaluate the penetration sites and exclude them if warranted. A solar-experienced roofer will also know how to work around a solar array or help source a panel removal/reinstallation team if necessary. Finally, for a new roof, a solar-savvy roofer will know the necessary steps to ensure that it has a solid foundation for the solar panels on top of it. 


2. Streamlined communication for your project

Most solar-savvy roofers have an existing relationship with a solar installer. This is also true in reverse, with most solar installers having established roofing relationships. These arrangements can translate into streamlined communication during the project. You may even have a single project manager for both the roofing and solar work. Think about that; you won't have to worry about checking in with your roofer, and then with your solar company to get updates on the different phases of your project. Streamlined communication helps reduce confusion and phone time. 


3. Ability to coordinate product deliveries and timing 

Similar to the point above, if you're doing both solar and roofing at the same time, working with a solar-savvy roofing company helps to streamline the delivery of necessary products so that you're not trying to coordinate deliveries and shipments all by yourself. 


4. Peace of mind

With the potential for streamlined communication, picking a solar-savvy roofer, or a roofer with established solar relationships usually means less stress and a quicker project overall. 

As sister companies, we share a warehouse in Chandler, Arizona with Sun Valley Solar Solutions. We frequently collaborate to streamline the entire process for our customers. We also offer additional savings to each other’s clients, depending on the nature and scope of the job.

In that spirit,  we created a special offer specifically for customers who require solar panel removal/reinstallation, as well as roof repairs. While we are happy to work with any solar company, when you work with Azul Roofing and Sun Valley Solar Solutions together, you’ll enjoy a 5% discount on the roofing work and $20 off per panel for the removal and reinstallation!


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