4 Common Roofing Myths Busted

roof almost done-2Whether you're looking to buy your first home or your fifth, it seems like everyone has some advice on how to best take care of your major investment, no matter where you fall on the homeowner experience scale. Although some tips and tricks can be helpful and beneficial, some of it, especially in regard to roofing, can be untrue and actually end up hurting your home in the long run. While some advice may have once been accurate, we've noticed some common myths over the years that are untrue and need to be clarified.

In hope to set some of the record straight and do our part to combat the false claims out there, we wanted to bust some common myths we've heard over our decades of experience. Read on below to learn the truth about some common misconceptions of roofing.

A new roof won't require maintenance for years.

As with most things, proper care and maintenance will ensure your roof is in good health for decades to come. Thinking of it in a similar way to a car can help make sense as to why periodically investing in your roof's maintenance is critical. If you buy a brand new car, you're not anticipating any major breakdowns, but you'll still probably take it in for periodic oil and engine checksthe same should be done with your roof. Although you shouldn't have any significant issues with a new roof, like leaks or cracking tiles, it's important to keep up regular maintenance on it to ensure things like roof penetrations are still sealed. We recommend hiring a roofing contractor that offers free, no obligation roof evaluations for a roof check every two year keep up with this preventative maintenance.

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All roofing materials are created equal, so just buy the cheapest.

There are a number of different roofing materials you can choose from. From asphalt and wood shake roofs, to metal, foam, and clay roofs, every type of roofing material has its benefits and drawbacks. We even wrote an article going over the various pros and cons of typical Arizona roofing materials for this very reason. Doing your due diligence beforehand and performing preliminary research, as well as asking your roofing contractor the difference between your options, will help you determine what the best choice is for your needs and budget. 

My roof doesn't have any leaks, so it's in good health.

It's easy to think that because there are no noticeable issues with your roof, it's in good shape, but this isn't always the truth. Just because there aren't any leaks currently doesn't mean there aren't other issues waiting to pop up at the seasons' first rainfall. We recommend getting your roof checked at least once a year to ensure it's truly in good health. This will help you resolve any issues before they turn into a major headaches and problems, and ensure your roof is resilient enough to weather whatever is thrown at it.

You can easily repair a roof the DIY way.

Repairing a roof properly takes years of experience and knowledge to execute correctly. Your roof is what protects your investments both inside and outside of your home, and leaving that to an unexperienced friend or doing self-education through YouTube tutorial videos is a risky idea. There are a number of elements and steps that go into roof repairs, and any small mistake could compromise your roof and the valuables inside your home. Always consult a qualified roofing professional when it comes to roof repairs and replacements. 


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