4 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Roof's Health

tile and blue skies-1The saying, "Out of sight, out of mind"  is easily true when it comes to your roof. After all, roofs are  relatively hard to access and work on for the average homeowner, and they usually go unnoticed until a leak or or something catastrophic occurs. But most of the time, proper care and maintenance of your roof will help maintain its health and extend its lifespan while heading off unwelcome leaks or roofing work. 

While roof repairs and replacements should be left to the experts, there are a few easy things homeowners can do to maximize their roof's life. From simple visual inspections to hiring the right people from the beginning, it's mostly about checking in once in a while. Here are a few tips from our roofing experts to help get you started.

1. Trim overhanging branches and palm trees

Keeping up with yard work, like trimming and maintaining your trees, will go far when it comes maintaining your roof's health. This is especially important in our monsoon season when high winds and rains can cause branches to break off and damage your roof, or worse, result in trees falling and damaging your house. Having branches hang over your roof also gives animals, like rats, easy access to your house. This relatively simple act of yard work can pay off exponentially when it comes to roof repairs and replacements.

2. Watch for leaks

Leaks are one of the easiest ways to tell something is wrong with your roof and it's not necessarily something we're used to here in the Valley of the Sun. For Arizonans, leaks spring up during our monsoon season. If you notice a leak or stain beginning to form, it's important to contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible so the issue doesn't progress. We recommend having a reputable roofing contractor inspect your home before monsoon season begins, as roofer's schedules fill rapidly with storm damage. A lot of roofers also offer free roof evaluations, so you don't have much to lose for peace of mind.

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3. Inspect your roof regularly

You don't have to be a licensed roofer to preform regular and easy roof checks. One of the easiest ways you can do this is at ground level by simply looking up at your roof to assess the health of your shingles or tiles. If some are noticeably damaged or missing from street view, you should have a roofing contractor perform a free roof inspection to determine the extent of the damage. You can also put a ladder to the side of your roof for more of an up-close look, but we recommend doing this only if you're comfortable on a ladder.

4. Always hire licensed roofers

Picking the right roofing partner - one that has invested in training and certifications for its employees - will help you avoid significant headaches and unnecessary re-repairs. When you hire a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing contractor, the odds of securing a quality, long-lasting roof increase exponentially, making roof leaks and pre-mature replacements far less likely. This is due both to their quality workmanship as well as the durable products they are authorized to use as a result of solid relationships and certifications through the industry's most reputable manufacturers.  


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