Top 5 FAQs About Roof Replacements

reroof ready 2Installing a new roof is a big home improvement project. Not only will it add additional protection to your valuables inside and outside the home, but it will also increase your home's value, curb appeal, and will also improve your home's overall efficiency. 

While these benefits are undoubtedly great, the sheer size of a new roof installation can make homeowners weary about taking on this project. There are a number of factors to consider, like roof installation timeline, materials available, warranties, and overall durability of the new roof.

To help ease some of these anxieties, we've answered the 5 most common questions we receive about roof replacements below. If you have any remaining questions after finishing the blog, or if you would like to schedule a free roof evaluation to see if you need a new roof, contact us here.


How do I know I need a new roof?

There are a few factors that can help you determine if it might be time for a new roof, the two biggest being the age of the roof and the type of issue you're experiencing. If your roof is approaching 20 or more years of life, it's a good guess that it's getting close to the end of its life. If you're experiencing multiple leaks or numerous locations of issues rather than an isolated one, it could be more beneficial to replace the whole roof instead of doing multiple repairs.

There are also some signs you can visibly look for, like bucking or missing shingles, water stains on your ceiling, and mold in your attic. For more information on comparing whether a reroof or a repair is the best option for you and your home, check out our blog dedicated to the pros and cons of each.


How long does it take to get a new roof installed?

This question largely depends on the size of your roof, weather, and the material selected. For instance, a steeply pitched roof with numerous hips, valleys, and facets will take longer than a simpler roof with only a few facets. In general, though, most reroofs in Arizona can be completed within 1-3 days of the start of the project.

From our experience, this question usually arises from a concern of how much a new roof installation will impact the homeowner's day-to-day life. Most of the time, your life will be able to continue as normal while you get your new roof installed. You might hear some hammering during the day while your contractors are working, but that's usually the biggest disruption. Your roofing contractor will be able to give you an accurate timeframe and also let you know how to prepare for your roof replacement. 

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What is the average warranty on a new roof?

There are two different kinds of warranties that will come with your new roof: your manufacturer's warranty and the workmanship warranty. Most reputable roofing companies will only select materials that come with a robust manufacturer's warranty to ensure their customers are covered for any defects or faults within the material itself.

For workmanship warranties, there are typically minimums that a roofing contractor must offer. In the state of Arizona, the ROC requires roofing contractors to provide a minimum 2-year workmanship warranty.

At Azul Roofing Solutions, we go above this minimum and give our customers the choice between different workmanship warranty lengths. At minimum, we include a 15-year workmanship warranty for shingle roofs and a 10-year workmanship warranty for tile roofs. If the customer wants to choose a longer warranty period, they can upgrade to a 20-year warranty on shingle roofs, and either a 15-year or a 20-year workmanship warranty for tile roofs.


What new roofing material options do I have?

There are a lot of innovative roofing products in today's market. From architectural shingles to sand cast clay tiles, there are many options to choose from. A few factors to consider are your personal preferences, what would complement your home, your budget, and HOA rules if applicable. With the current supply chain issues happening, we recommend speaking to your roofing contractor to get an idea of how hard it will be to get certain materials. Your contractor will also be the best consultant on what's available in your price range.


How long should my new roof last?

A new roof in Arizona can be expected to last anywhere between 25-30 years with proper care and maintenance. Asphalt shingles are on the lower end of this estimate at 25 years, whereas foam roofs are at the higher end with 50+ years. Check out our blog that dives into the most popular roofing materials and which ones last the longest under our Arizona sun.

The key to making any type of roof last as long as possible is scheduling routine check-ups. We recommend getting your roof evaluated every 2-3 years to ensure it's in tip-top shape and to nip any issues in the bud before they become a big headache. If you'd like to schedule a free, no-obligation roof evaluation, contact us through the button below.

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